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Skin Care


We are a team of skincare experts with over 100 years of combined experience and an unwavering commitment to what we call, Clean Science. We continuously evolve our formulations to ensure they incorporate clinically validated ingredients in the cleanest formulations to produce the best possible treatment results.

The term clean is open to interpretation but for us, it means being truthful and transparent about what is in our products and why. We hold our commitment to clean science to a meticulous standard by assessing the safety profile of every ingredient to consider dosage and exposure.


Our products are clinically tested and free from over 1,300 substances banned by the European Union (E.U), Health Canada and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Wherever possible, ingredients are sustainably sourced from suppliers who make every effort to protect the environment. We do not include substances banned by the more stringent E.U. but also choose not to include additional, potentially harmful ingredients including phthalates, sulfates, parabens, dyes and artificial fragrances. We are equally committed to science - using clinically proven ingredients, medical-strength formulations and optimal dosages in products that produce results.


AlumierMD chooses to formulate differently, and it’s not an easy task. We have three priorities for our product development process:

  • Drive transformative results for specific skin conditions and concerns;

  • Create elegant formulations that encourage daily use;

  • Develop formulations that reflect our stance on clean science.

By choosing to remove questionable ingredients from our formulations, we discover new ways of replacing those ingredients with cleaner alternatives. That trifecta is difficult to achieve, and normally, patients are left having to compromise at least one of them with their regular skincare. We don’t do what’s easy, we do what’s right™; and through innovation backed by a wide scientific community of professional associates, we are able to master that complex trifecta.

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Our brand encompasses cosmetic products as well as products registered as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs (USA and Canada), Natural Health products (Canada) and prescription drugs (EU) within its entire global portfolio. Therefore, you can only access AlumierMD products through your professional, under their guidance and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.


Working with our scientific committee, we embrace both natural and synthetic ingredients, focusing on safety over source. A combination of natural, certified organic, and safely synthesized ingredients creates the most effective product. We formulate with active ingredients at their optimum percentages in order to deliver visible results for multiple skin conditions. This is why trusted medical professionals choose to partner with us.


Our recent clinical validation of EverActive C&E™+ Peptide speaks to the efficacy of our formulas, as does the substantial global catalogue of before and after pictures and patient testimonials.

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AlumierMD is a true physician-dispensed skincare brand that believes in the power of our professionals. We know that the most effective route to skin health is a 360-degree approach, involving treatment plans and homecare products delivered with the expertise of a trusted professional.

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