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We are now offering  our new patient program for health optimization's and disease prevention through therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation! This program is run by a qualified Physiotherapy Assistant and Trainer.

This might  be covered by private insurance and/or OHIP for qualified patients. 

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Flora Fiorentino PTA, FIS

Fitness Instructor Specialist with CanFiT Pro with certificates in Active Aging Mindful Movement, Core Strength Anatomy, Eat Clean for Wellness, Fitness for Beginners, Merrithew Total Barre Instructor Foundations – Level 1, Stott Pilates Bodyweight Training and Stott Pilates Matwork Strength and Mobility and AquaFitness .

Over 30 years of fitness training and commitment. Evolving with time through constant fitness, nutrition and wellness education.

FiFitness is part of my life that always keeps me active, motivating and moving every single day!!
As fitness has always been an important aspect of my life, providing motivation to others is what I love
to do. I love to share my knowledge to inspire others. Fitness is a journey and my goal is to be the GPS
to help my patients to stay on the right path.

My focus is to educate the patient with functional movements to help strengthen and condition with
exercises and encourage them to take an active role in their rehabilitation. A well planned and
implemented rehabilitation program is crucial to effective recovery to help people to resume work or
leisure activities. I help people to follow the right exercise program. The programs are always unique to
the individual needs of the patient.
My goal it to help patients with purpose and gain the freedom to enjoy all life has to offer. Fitness is
about functionality and independence. It is my mission to empower everyone to live a Healthy, Active
and Happy Life. We should appreciate our human bodies. Exercise is not age dependent, its mind
dependent which means that at any age or fitness level anyone can respond positively to exercise and
nutrition and gain benefits.
I teach Fundamental Fitness, Aquasculpt and Active Agers- Functionally Fit group classes at Movati. I also
offer Indoor/ Outdoor Mindful Movement classes to small groups and Retreats. I plan to run some
AquaFit classes in the coming summer months.

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